Many people ask me why I want to rescue animals. Many people want to know how my heart handles it. Many people tell me that I have lost my mind. The truth of the matter is that I rescue animals because they are more loyal and compassionate than any human being that I have encountered. While I was in a heated conversation with a lady who I will not name, I explained that I liked dogs better than most people. She thought that was the craziest thing she had ever heard. But seriously, is it really that ridiculous of a comment? I think not. My dogs never leave me, they are always there when all of my human counterparts have walked away. The reason that I put up with the things that I do and kill myself to rescue the animals that I can is because of the never-ending love dogs give to their owners even if their circumstances are not favorable. Some people choose to join the fight against cancer, some against abortion. I respect the things that they do and, in return, I expect to be respected. You do not have to agree with me on animal issues or even care, but do not attack my beliefs on the issue. My first rescue dog was Nala, a lab mix. Someone dumped her when she was a puppy like trash. I took her in, got her vetted, and she has been with me ever since. The joy of knowing that you saved another living breathing creature was amazing. A couple of years and a ring later, my fiance and I decided to go to our local shelter and adopt a dog. We came home with a little black lab mix puppy. She was probably the cutest thing ever! We took her to the vet only to find out she was very ill. The vets never made a diagnosis even after numerous tests. A year and hundreds of dollars later, she is as healthy as she can be. On the day that I walked into that shelter and saw all of the faces filled with utter despair, I knew I had to do something...anything. From that day on I had nightmares thinking of the broken hearts in each of the runs. What was their story? How did they end up there? What did they do to deserve the fate they were given? I could not go back in that shelter for almost a year. When I went back I was prepared. I decided that I wasn't going to sit there and feel sorry for myself. I was going to make a difference. So, here we are. I take in dogs that have been abused and neglected and nurture them back to health. It is amazing to see what a little time can do. When the dogs first come here, many have never had a bath or been inside. They are scared out of their wits. After some TLC they are the best dogs anyone can ask for. Adopting a rescue animal is the best decision anyone out there will ever make. They know that you saved them and they want to repay you with their love everyday. Some humans don't deserve a dog! If we really look at the big picture, we need to follow in the footsteps of the canine and learn to be more loyal, humble, and loving like man's best friend.
Nala, my first rescue dog.


Paula jones
7/6/2012 08:45:20

Im so proud of you. I know it is so hard at times but you keep on going. It looks like things are really going better now and I pray they continue to. I love you baby!!!


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    My name is Kara Ford. I am 20 years old and a senior in college. My hope is that one day animals will not suffer at the hands of humans.


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